Mrs. Tanuja Indi

Mrs. Tanuja Indi

Managing Director

MBA Marketing

Mrs. Tanuja Indi, currently the Managing Director at IndiTech Valves, brings a rich background in banking and finance to her role.

Over 35 years ago, she began her journey as a Probationary Officer at the State Bank of India. During her tenure there, she honed her skills in managing diverse portfolios, including credit requirements for large corporates and SMEs, international banking, agricultural sector needs, and the pension sector. She also played a key role in delivering various training programs to multiple sectors and cadres within the bank.

In 2010, Mrs Tanuja joined the board of IndiTech Valves, where she took charge of key areas like Finance, HR, and Infrastructure. Her primary focus revolves around the growth and development of IndiTech, including establishing a new factory.
Besides her professional commitments, Mrs. Tanuja is deeply passionate about teaching and training. She enjoys travelling, reading, and actively engaging in helping those less privileged in her leisure time.