Efficient Blowdown Solutions: Precision Engineered Blowdown Valves for Optimal Boiler Performance
Flanged BDV

Flanged BDV

Impurities in the feed water can severely affect the performance and safety of industrial boilers. Dissolved minerals and suspended solids can accumulate, forming scale and sludge that hamper efficiency and endanger the life of the boiler itself.
The blowdown valves provide a simple yet elegant solution. These specialised valves periodically discharge a controlled amount of water and sediment from the boiler, thereby helping to regulate the levels of suspended solids and total dissolved solids (TDS). Boiler blowdown is a severe service application that standard valves are not equipped to handle.

They are also used in refineries at various units like Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU), Hydrocracking Unit, Reforming Unit, Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU), etc. to remove impurities and contaminants.

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Continuous Blowdown Valve (CBD):

CBD valves are mounted near the water surface level of the boiler drum. They are designed to operate in a steady open position, maintaining a consistent level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the boiler water. Thus, they prevent the carryover of high-TDS water into steam lines and protect downstream equipment.

IndiTech’s offerings of Continuous Blowdown Valves include:

1) Angle Type Continuous Blowdown Valve which features a needle-shaped trim within a venturi diffuser. This diffuser offers ample space for high-velocity flashing water, preventing choked flow.
2) Regulating Lever Continuous Blowdown Valve with straight pattern design.

Intermittent Blowdown Valve (IBD):

IBD valves are designed to open at predetermined intervals or under specific conditions. When open, they release water and, accumulated sludge and sediment from the bottom of the boiler. The primary requirement of these valves is providing tight shut-off, even after repetitive blowdown operations.

IndiTech’s offerings of Intermittent Blowdown Valves include:

1) Angle Type Intermittent Blowdown Valve which featuring a multi-step throttling plug that allows to carry out dual functions – blowdown in the open position and sealing in the closed position. Since the total pressure drop gets divided across each stage, the area for sealing is separate from the throttling area, which minimises erosion and ensures a leak-proof performance even after extensive use.
2) Lever-Operated Quick-action Intermittent Blowdown Valve, which, when operated, creates a suction effect in the boiler, thereby causing the thicker sludge deposits to be flushed out. The valve then closes automatically as soon as the lever is let loose. This fast opening and closing ensures minimum loss of boiler feed water.

Technical Data




NPS 1 To NPS 3 (DN25 To DN80)


ANSI CL300 To CL2500


A105; A182 F11/F22/F91/F316

Angle Type Intermittent Blowdown Valve featuring a multi-step throttling plug

Flanged/Socket Weld/Butt Weld


Class IV/Class V



Lever Operated/Manual


  • Forged body suited for severe service blowdown duty due to excellent body integrity and strength as compared to cast bodies
  • Integral plug-spindle for vibration and chatter-free operation
  • Stellited plug-spindle & seat for resistance against erosion and wire drawing, avoiding premature valve failure
  • Extra-long gland packing for tight seal at high temperatures

Specific Advantages of IndiTech Angle Type Blowdown Valves

  • Angle design ensures self-draining of the blowdown valve
  • Single-step trim with venturi diffuser for continuous operation and multi-step pressure-reducing trim for Intermittent operation valve
  • Pressure seal bonnet for high-pressure applications
  • Compact or Heavy-Duty design options available

Specific Advantages of IndiTech Lever-Operated Blowdown Valves

  • Fast opening and closing facilitated by lever & spring-return mechanism
  • Pin for locking valve in closed position (lever up) or in open position for draining boiler (lever down)

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