Dump Pressure, Not Efficiency: Elevate Turbine performance with IndiTech’s customised Dump Tubes
Dump Tubes (Without Secondary Spray)

Dump Tubes (Without Secondary Spray)

Dump Tubes play a critical role in Turbine Bypass applications. Due to the low-pressure conditions at the outlet of the Turbine Bypass Valves, the specific volume of steam dramatically increases, which calls for large pipe sizes. By deploying Dump Tubes, the size of the Turbine Bypass Valve and pipe sizes between the Bypass Valve and the Condenser can be reduced considerably, thereby reducing the overall cost of the system. These Dump Tubes, typically installed in the Condenser inlet duct, are engineered to facilitate the final stage of pressure reduction. They enable the steam to expand and cool before it enters the Condenser.
We offer custom-made Dump Tubes for each application as per your requirements.
We can design and supply a complete Bypass System consisting of a Turbine Bypass Valve, Dump Tube, Spray Water Control Valve and Control Algorithm.

Prevent turbine damage and optimise condenser performance with IndiTech’s tailor-made Dump Tubes.


Steam Turbine Bypass:

Dump Tubes play a critical role in maintaining the performance and integrity of steam turbines in various operating conditions.

Technical Data




NPS 6 to NPS 60 (DN150 to DN1500)


With Secondary Spray/Without Secondary Spray

Dump Tubes

Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel

  • Flanged
  • Butt Weld
  • Mounting Cap


  • Precise steam temperature control
  • Customised to Maintain desired upstream conditions
  • Single-Stage/Multi-Stage Pressure Reduction options available to reduce noise to the required specification
  • Suitable for Air Cooled Condensers (ACC) and Water Cooled Condensers (WCC)
  • Can be sized and designed parallelly with the bypass valve to minimise total cost

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