PCI Injection Lance Replacement made Safe & Easy
Cross-section of Blast Furnace tuyere with the assembly for Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI)
The blast furnace is the heart of any integrated steel plant. It is responsible for producing the molten iron that is the primary input for steelmaking. In recent times, Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) / Coal Dust Injection (CDI) has transformed how blast furnaces operate. PCI offers various advantages, such as increased blast furnace productivity and reduced coke consumption, which translates to substantial cost savings. Also, by partially replacing coke, a more carbon-intensive fuel, PCI helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
In PCI, finely ground coal is injected directly into the blast furnace through injection lances. Harsh operating conditions inside the blast furnace, where temperatures reach as high as 1200°C, cause these injection lances to experience significant wear and tear, requiring periodic replacement. The critical function of insertion & removal of injection lances is facilitated by employing Non-Return Valves (NRV) mounted on each Tuyere.

Safeguard your lance replacement operation with our Ball Check Valves.

Application Criticality

Common challenges encountered during injection lance replacement:

  • Possibility of serious accidents due to leakage of hot blast gases at ~1200°C 
  • Unsafe operation due to jamming/failure of internal components of NRV 
  • Loss of productivity due to the requirement of BF shutdown/downtime for injection lance replacement 
  • Difficulty in fast turnaround due to heavy & cumbersome equipment
IndiTech offers a special lifting ball type check valve (also known as bullet valve) to solve the challenges mentioned above. Its simple design, tight sealing and high performance make it ideal for this critical application.
Lifting Ball type Non-Return Valve for Blast Furnace PCI

Customer References

Client Testimonials

The NRVs supplied by IndiTech Valves have facilitated online insertion and removal of the Injection Lance, without the need for Blast Furnace shutdown, thereby significantly reducing downtime of the Blast Furnace.

Mr. R. Khamkar
General Manager, SLR Metaliks

Overall performance of the BF Check valve supplied by IndiTech Valves Pvt. Ltd., Pune is good. Workmen are happy with the design due to ease in removal & fitment of the pulverized coal injection lance.

Mr. Roshan V Naik
Manager, Vedanta Sesa Goa

We have visited the works of IndiTech Valves for the kick-off meeting of SAIL Rourkela BF-1 Injection Lance Assembly. The setup is good with a lot of potential for future growth. People are with sound technical background and very cooperative.

Mr. Shailendra Sharma
Manager – Inspection & Expedition, Danieli Corus India

Technical Data




DN40 (suitable for lance OD ½”)

DN50 (suitable for lance OD ½”, ¾”, 1”)





Lifting Ball type Non-Return Valve for Blast Furnace PCI

A216 WCB


SS 316


ASME B16.34

  • Ball Check Valve (NRV) only
  • Complete Injection Lance Assembly
  • Injection Lance only


  • Proven solution that is 100% safe for operators
  • Precise manufacturing that ensures immediate closure of NRV as soon as Injection Lance is removed
  • Precision machined sealing surfaces for consistent leak-proof performance
  • Facilitates online replacement of Injection Lance without need for BF shutdown
  • Simple yet effective design, which makes it very easy to use & operate
  • Successful track record since 2005

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