Swift & Secure: Self-Acting & Quick closing in less than 0.3 seconds! 

Quick Closing Non-Return Valves used to protect steam turbines from back flow in case of emergency trips.

Quick Closing Non-Return Valves

Non-return valves are essential safety and performance components in steam turbine setups. They ensure the safe, efficient and controlled operation of the system by preventing backflow, regulating steam flow, and providing isolation capabilities. Quick Closing Non-Return Valves (QCNRV) are designed to prevent backflow to the turbine from extraction and bleed lines.
IndiTech’s tilting-disk type QCNRV is a specialised type of check valve known for its rapid closure and suitability for handling pulsating flows and compressible fluids. Instead of a hinged disc, this NRV uses an innovative design of a disc mounted on an eccentric shaft, which provides excellent sealing capabilities. The tilting disc ensures simultaneous regulation of flow over the disc and under the disc. This ensures dynamic balancing of the disc, enabling steady operation of the valve under all flow conditions. The disc’s conical shape and angled seat create a wedging effect during reverse flow, causing it to close rapidly and seal tightly.

IndiTech’s Series 350 is the first Tilting-Disc type QCNRV designed and manufactured in India.

Ensure instant shutoff with our industry-leading Quick Closing Non-Return Valves.


Turbine Trip Protection:

QCNRVs are widely used in Power Plants for safeguarding the turbine from the backflow of steam during trips, ensuring operator safety and equipment protection.

Steam Extraction/Bleed Line:

QCNRVs are installed in Turbine Extraction/Bleed lines and help protect personnel and turbine equipment from potential steam backflow incidents.

Cold Reheat Line:

Cold reheat lines carry high-pressure, high-temperature steam back to the turbine after it has passed through an intermediate stage. QCNRVs guard against unforeseen events like sudden load rejections or trips that can cause reverse flow in the reheat line, potentially damaging the turbine.

Technical Data




NPS 4 To NPS 24 (DN100 To DN600)


ANSI CL150 To CL600



Tilting-disk type Quick Closing Non-Return Valve with Manual lever to check free disc movement in running condition.

Flanged/Butt Welded


A216 WCB; A217 WC6/WC9; A351 CF8M


Normal operation (NRV) - Automatic

Emergency closing - Pneumatic


  • Self-acting and quick closing with the pneumatic actuator in less than 0.3 seconds
  • Lightweight construction compared to bulky swing-type QCNRV
  • Low-pressure loss
  • Equipped with counterweight for balancing of disc
  • Manual lever or test solenoid valve is provided to check disc movement in running condition
  • Chatter-free operation: suitable for pulsating flows
  • Guaranteed leak tightness as per API 598
  • Suitable to be installed on horizontal as well as vertical pipelines
  • Maintenance-free, long service life

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