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Although coal, oil, and natural gas currently hold a significant share in global power generation, solar and geothermal sources are anticipated to assume a more prominent role in the future. With its high energy-transfer efficiency, steam serves as the predominant medium in diverse power plants, from conventional fossil-fuel and nuclear power facilities to sustainable non-conventional options like geothermal and solar-thermal plants. It acts as the primary medium for transferring heat and driving turbines.

Steam conditioning is vital to ensure efficient and safe operation of steam power plants. Controlling the steam's temperature, pressure, and moisture content helps optimise turbine performance, extend equipment life, and enhance overall plant safety.

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Boilers & Turbines

Critical for various industries, boilers play a key role in producing heat and power. In today's era, boilers are pivotal in promoting sustainable energy solutions, converting biomass and waste into eco-friendly heat and steam. This presents an efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Additionally, the recovery of waste heat enhances energy utilisation. As technology advances, boilers are becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Steam turbines are used to power a wide range of industrial machinery and equipment, including pumps, compressors and generators. Their versatility makes them crucial assets for industries and power generation alike. Advancements in steam turbine technologies are increasing their efficiency and reducing their environmental impact. This ensures their continued relevance in the industrial landscape for the foreseeable future.

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Oil & Gas

The downstream oil & gas industry encompasses the refining, marketing, and distribution of petroleum products derived from crude oil and natural gas. Refineries are central in processing crude oil into usable products such as petrol, diesel, and other petrochemicals.

Regulating the flow of fluids and maintaining optimal process conditions are crucial requirements in the oil & gas industry. By enabling automated adjustments, Control Valves help optimise production, reduce downtime, and enhance the overall performance of the processing facilities.

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The steel sector is a vital parameter of a country's industrial landscape and economy. The industry plays a key role in sectors like construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing, contributing significantly to the country's GDP.

Steam is an essential media used in the steel manufacturing process. It is used to provide heat for rolling and forging operations and maintaining optimal temperatures in the steel-making process. Also, steam turbines are used to drive generators for additional power generation, enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the steel plant.

Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI) is a critical process used in the production of iron in a blast furnace, which helps to reduce overall coke consumption. IndiTech's Non-Return Ball Check Valve offers a safe, reliable, and efficient solution for preventing the backflow of hot gases during PCI lance replacement.

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Chemicals & Fertilisers

The chemicals & fertilisers industry includes the production of a wide range of chemicals like petrochemicals, agrochemicals and speciality chemicals.

In chemical production, control valves ensure product quality, consistency, and safety by maintaining accurate control over various process parameters.

Fertiliser production uses steam to supply heat and energy for various essential processes like ammonia synthesis and urea production. Steam is also used to heat and dry various raw materials throughout the process and the final products.

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Pumps & Compressors

The pumps & compressors industry is a critical sector that designs, manufactures and services equipment for fluid and gas handling. Pumps are essential for transporting liquids, while compressors are vital for increasing the pressure and reducing the volume of gases. Industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing and water treatment rely on pumps & compressors for various processes.

Automation of pump & compressor testing using control valves offers a valuable solution for increasing efficiency, improving testing flexibility and enabling faster and more accurate testing. We have a proven track record of developing and supplying many highly customised anti-cavitation control valves for leading pump & compressor OEMs worldwide.

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IndiTech's line-up of solutions for the Pump & Compressor Industry includes:


The sugar industry plays a crucial role in the global economy, providing a significant source of income for farmers, employment opportunities and supplying an essential ingredient for various food and beverage products.

Steam plays an important role in numerous stages of the sugar production process. Steam is used to heat and clarify sugarcane juice. Further, steam is used to control the temperature and humidity in the crystallisation of sugar from the concentrated syrup.

Co-generation plants in sugar factories are integral to the industry, providing self-generated electricity to meet the energy demands of the factory. Bagasse, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing process, is burned in a boiler to generate steam. The high-pressure steam is used to drive a turbine. The exhaust steam from the turbine is used for various process heating requirements within the sugar factory.

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The distillery industry encompasses the production of potable spirits and industrial alcohols. Distilleries often utilise molasses from the sugar industry and grains as raw materials for alcohol production. The industry plays a significant role in environmental efforts, with many distilleries involved in ethanol production for blending with petrol along with other industrial applications.

Steam remains essential in the distillery process, providing the necessary heat and energy for efficient and high-quality production. Various production processes like mashing, distillation, cleaning and sanitising before bottling use steam at different ranges of pressure and temperature.

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Cement manufacturing is a crucial sector contributing significantly to a country's infrastructure development. Waste heat recovery power plants in the cement sector capture and utilise excess heat generated during cement production to generate electricity, contributing to green energy production and sustainable practices.

Steam is used primarily to drive turbines installed in captive power plants & waste heat recovery power plants that power the equipment like mills, pumps and compressors.

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Pulp & Paper

The paper production industry involves manufacturing various paper products, contributing to diverse sectors such as packaging, publishing and stationery. The industry is adopting sustainable practices like using recycled materials, minimising waste and aggressively implementing energy-efficient technologies.

Control valves are pivotal in ensuring the smooth and safe operation of recovery boilers in paper plants.

Steam plays a multifaceted role in the paper production process. From drying the paper web to cooking raw materials to heating and softening the paper fibres, steam is used extensively. Steam from the boilers is also used to run a captive power plant in the mill to power various equipment via steam turbines and generators.

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Other Industries

Besides the above, IndiTech also caters to the requirements of industry segments like food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, textiles, water treatment, desalination, and tyres, among others.

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