Mr. Amaey Indi

Mr. Amaey Indi

Director - Marketing & Operations

M. Tech in Thermal & Fluids Engineering
(IIT Bombay) - Gold Medallist

Amaey Indi’s professional journey began at GE’s John F Welch R&D Centre, where he worked on the thermal system design of aircraft engines. This experience laid the groundwork for his inquisitiveness, curiosity, and innovation skills.

Joining IndiTech in 2010, Amaey started in Application Engineering and soon handled various responsibilities in departments like Purchase and Design. His leadership in Sales & Marketing have been consequential in widening IndiTech’s market base beyond India and retaining goodwill among existing clients. More recently, Amaey has been involved in operations, developing scalable systems and processes to enhance delivery capacity and accelerate IndiTech’s growth. 

Amaey places great emphasis on understanding customer needs, always aiming to see things from their perspective to align with their expectations better.
His current projects include developing systems to measure vital KPIs across IndiTech. Additionally, he is passionate about continual learning and actively organises training activities, ranging from leadership to life skills.
An avid reader of crime fiction, TinTin comics, and self-help books, Amaey also enjoys graphic design, watching movies in regional languages, and travelling.